Air Sampling

vesdafamsmKeller Fire & Safety offers air sampling equipment that detects the presence of particles in a very early stage of combustion, even before smoke is visible. This allows you the valuable time you need to prevent fire loss.

The VESDA® LaserPLUS system provides the industry’s most trusted line of products for air sampling early warning systems. The system utilizes Detector modules, Display modules, and a Programmer Module to provide the best aspirating detection system available today. VESDA® also now has a LaserCOMPACT™ system. LaserCOMPACT™ offers a simple and cost effective solution to protect single environments, and small areas.

Gas Detection

Keller Fire & Safety offers gas detection systems that can detect and monitor combustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen.

Leak Detection

dripKeller Fire & Safety is proud to offer leak detection systems that detect the presence of liquid, whether it is water, chemicals, or fuels.