NFPA 652 requires facilities to analyze the combustibility of the dust generated during manufacturing process.  Keller performs both combustibility testing and dust hazards analyses of the production processes and the dust generated through your manufacturing process.

Explosion Venting

kexvnt1Explosion venting is one of the most common and effective forms of passive explosion protection. Explosion venting provides overpressure protection from potential industrial explosion hazards by providing a planned pathway for the expanding gases to escape. Damage to industrial equipment subjected to explosions can be controlled through use of explosion venting.

Keller Fire & Safety utilizes Fike explosion venting products to help you protect the integrity of your industrial processes. Fike, a pioneer in thekexvnt4 development of explosion venting, continues to lead the way by producing an unsurpassed range of Atex certified explosion venting solutions for all areas of industrial activity. Virtually maintenance free and offering a long service life, Fike explosion vents are an ideal solution for many applications.

Fike Explosion Vent Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Rapid replacement
  • Maintenance free
  • Minimized risk for accidental contamination
  • Optimal relief area: Provides 100% venting efficiency
  • Compliance with European ATEX-Directive and NFPA 68 Guidelines
  • High mechanical integrity
  • Certified burst pressure
  • High operating ratio
  • Fail safe design will open at or below its certified burst pressure, even if it is damaged
  • Variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to suit your application and process requirements

Explosion Suppression

kexsupcycWhen it comes to preventing the tragic consequences of an explosion, time is the most important factor. Keller Fire & Safety is pleased to offer Fike Explosion Suppression systems that are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest (incipient) stages. Explosion pressures reach dangerous levels in less than 50 milliseconds, and with Fike’s unique detector technology, the deflagration can be kexsuphrddetected in less than 1 millisecond! Additionally, the Fike GCA (Gas Cartridge Actuator), used to activate Fike’s explosion suppression and explosion isolation systems, offers the fastest, most reliable response time on the market. The GCA also lowers maintenance costs and plant downtime because of its 10 year service life — competitor’s conventional detonators recommend a replacement every 12 months!

An explosion suppression system from Fike offers a variety of distinct advantages:

  • Extinguishes the flame within the equipment, preventing fire damage.
  • Fike uses “zero restriction” patented dispersion nozzles to reduce response time and increase agent discharge velocity.
  • For added reliability, Fike control circuit designs provide continued service even if two of the wires become severed by some type of facility upset.
  • Suppresses Class ST III dust explosion hazards – offering your business the highest level of industrial explosion protection.
  • Prevents pressure piling and secondary explosions with interconnected equipment.
  • Retains toxic or valuable material within the process equipment.
  • Integrates with the process controls to enable other protection devices, process shutdown, and remote annunciation devices.
  • Uses gas cartridges instead of explosive charges to release suppressant, providing a safer, more reliable initiation device with longer service and shelf life.
  • FM approved; meets or exceeds global standards including ATEX, NFPA 69, and CSA; validated by CIBA in Switzerland. Fike is the only explosion protection manufacturer with all of these third party endorsements.

Explosion Isolation

eivgcaIf an explosion occurs, minimizing the affects and any business downtime, are critical. Explosion Isolation is designed to prevent an explosion from escalating, by blocking the flame paths that lead to other process equipment or occupied areas – effectively containing the explosion, and eliminating secondary explosions. Utilizing control and explosion detection devices, mechanical or chemical barriers are used to block flames and pressure from spreading, saving valuable resources and minimizing damage.

In isolating an explosion or deflagration, response time and operational reliability are critical. The Fike explosion isolation systems used by Keller eiv1Fire & Safety have been subjected to extensive development testing on both a system and a component level. Each component is rugged, durable, dependable…and fast. Contact us today to find out more about Explosion Isolation.