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The general purpose of clean agent fire suppression is to quickly and effectively extinguish a fire without leaving any harmful residue behind. Clean agents are a type of fire suppression agent that is effective at extinguishing fires in a variety of different environments, including computer rooms, data centers, and other sensitive areas where water or traditional fire suppression agents could cause damage.

Clean agents work by interrupting the chemical reaction that occurs during a fire, which is known as the fire triangle. This includes removing one or more of the three elements required for a fire to exist: oxygen, fuel, and heat. Clean agents are also designed to be safe for humans and the environment, making them a good choice for areas where the use of water or other traditional fire suppression agents could cause harm.

Clean agents are typically stored in pressurized containers and are released into the area where the fire is occurring through a network of piping and nozzles. They are often used in conjunction with other fire suppression systems, such as pre-action sprinkler systems or fire alarms, to provide a comprehensive approach to fire protection.

Our Fire Suppression experts bring together all the elements you need for fully integrated fire Suppression system keeping your Area safe and up to the current NFPA codes. Let Keller Fire & Safety be your single source for all your fire suppression needs from Design and Installation to ongoing Service, Monitoring, Testing, and Inspections.

Code Information:

  • NFPA 2001- Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • NFPA 770 – Standard on Hybrid (Water and Inert Gas) Fire
  • NFPA 12– Standard on Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems

Who Needs Fire Suppression Systems?

Fire suppression systems are designed to detect and suppress fires quickly to minimize damage, clean-up, and downtime. Such systems are typically used to protect:

  • Financial records
  • Server rooms
  • Health care records
  • Museums and collectibles

Businesses with high-value assets or property that would be permanently damaged by traditional water-based fire protection systems benefit from fire suppression systems. These systems deploy clean agent instead of water, effectively removing the heat from the fire without causing damage to your valuable equipment. 

Keller Fire and Safety ensures your fire suppression system is tested and properly commissioned when we turn it over to you. We train your employees to understand the proper operation and maintenance requirements to keep your fire suppression system in operating condition.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

There are three common clean agent fire suppression systems to choose from, including FM-200, 3M™ Novec™ 1230, and ECARO-25 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. All systems use gases that are safe for the environment and humans, but they utilize different ways of suppressing a fire.

FM-200 Waterless Fire Protection

The FM-200 system is stored as a liquid and vaporizes when discharged. The system displaces the oxygen around a fire, but heat absorption is its primary extinguishing capability.

ECARO-25 | Superior, Cost-Effective Clean Agent Fire Protection

The ECARO-25 system uses a liquid and vaporizes and suppress the fire. The concentration is safe for humans and the environment. Once the ECARO-25 concentration is discharged, it returns to the atmosphere in its natural state. Like FM-200 heat absorption.

3M™ Novec™ 1230 System

The 3M™ Novec™ 1230 system uses a liquid that is vaporized when discharged, similar to the FM-200 system. However, unlike the FM-200 which suppresses the fire by heat absorption or cooling, the 3M™ Novec™ 1230 displaces the oxygen around a fire to suppress it.

Inert Fire Suppression Systems

PROINERT™ is a clean agent fire extinguishing system using an inert gas (IG55, IG541, IG100 or IG01) and is used in total flooding systems. 

PROINERT™ has become widely accepted as the best performing, most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly inert gaseous suppression system, offering extended hold times and great flexibility in design.

PROINERT™ is an ideal choice for a wide variety of industries and applications, suitable for facilities such as computer rooms/data centers, telecommunications facilities, and the like. PROINERT™ is unique in that it utilizes a pressure regulating discharge valve which produces lower discharge pressures which also translates into lower costs all around, resulting in savings with pipework, venting area, and cylinder storage.

Keller Fire and Safety can provide the system components and accessories to meet your complete clean agent fire suppression system requirements. Intelligent or conventional control panels, delayed action devices, early warning smoke detection, warning signs, manual releasing devices, automatic detection and warning devices and fire alarm panels.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

CO2 has long been recognized as an effective suppression agent in non-occupied environments, especially effective for local application protection of equipment. CO2 is an environmentally friendly, colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive agent that continues to be used heavily in industrial applications.

The fire suppression agent works by removing oxygen from the environment of discharge, so precautions must be taken to minimize any exposure to life. The system discharges at high or low pressure, depending on system application and design. Keller Fire and Safety is pleased to offer the high-pressure fire suppression equipment, the low-pressure Co2 equipment, and the Firetrace line of equipment for protection of micro-environments.

Water/Hybrid Fire Suppression Systems

Micromist® Effective Water Mist Fire Protection

The Micromist® fire suppression system produces a fine mist to extinguish fires quickly with very little residual water. In fact, the system releases 100 times less water than traditional sprinkler systems, yet effectively extinguishes the fire. That translates into less run-off, less damage and easy clean-up. 

The fire protection system employs single fluid, intermediate pressure – which reduces installation and maintenance costs associated with redundant and high-pressure piping networks/fittings. Offered in two convenient cylinder size configurations, It is a self-contained (great for applications with or without an available water source), single-fluid, pre-engineered water mist fire suppression system and comes pre-assembled, tested and packaged with all necessary valves and actuation components for system operation (system nozzles must be ordered separately). That’s portability, reliability and simple installation in one easy package. 


Water is the safe, natural way to extinguish a fire. But, it can cause significant collateral damage to buildings and their contents. High-pressure water mist systems limit the damage, but they do so at a great financial cost, often at a higher cost than even chemical or inert gas systems.
DuraQuench pumped water mist system brings the benefits of water mist fire suppression within reach of most budgets and over the widest possible range of applications.


  • The heart of the DuraQuench system is a skid-mounted centrifugal pump which operates at much lower pressures than other water mist systems (175 psi vs. 2,000 psi).
  • Lower pressure means lower cost – as much as 60% lower cost than other water mist systems.


  • The DuraQuench system is approved for a wide range of applications including light hazard/HC-1, turbine enclosures and machinery spaces.
  • DuraQuench provides maximum freedom when it comes to pipe, fittings, valves and other accessories. Copper, stainless and CPVC pipe are all options, and they can be sourced from your preferred local suppliers.
  • Water can be supplied from a reservoir or a building’s water main, providing the potential for unlimited discharge times.

VictaulicVortex Fire Suppression Systems

Vicaulic Vortex Fire Suppression Systems logo

Through water droplets smaller than white blood cells and a naturally occurring gas – nitrogen, discharged from a single emitter, Victaulic Vortex™ fire suppression system efficiently absorbs heat and reduces oxygen to extinguish fires.

  • Nearly zero wetting
  • No costly clean-up or equipment replacement
  • Quick system recharge, minimal downtime
  • No need for assurance of tight room integrity
  • Green design that is safe for the environment and personnel

Keller Fire and Safety can provide the system components and accessories to meet your complete water mist fire suppression system requirements. Intelligent or conventional control panels, delayed action devices, early warning smoke detection, warning signs, manual releasing devices, automatic detection and warning devices and fire alarm panels.

Micro-Environment Fire Suppression Systems

The system provides cost-effective, stand-alone, automatic fire protection for critical equipment, electrical/technical systems and various types of enclosures. The system utilizes proprietary tubing which detects a fire due to temperature sensitivity, allowing for a quick and effective discharge. The tubing can be run through small or complex enclosures to provide accurate fire detection and suppression for a wide variety of critical locations.

Applications include CNC machines, Fume Hoods, electrical enclosures, server rack cabinets, and auto engine compartments. The versatile fire suppression system utilizes several agent options including FM200, Co2, Dry Chemical, FE-25 and more. The system requires NO electrical source, making it an ideal stand-alone suppression product for your specialized needs or an ideal supplemental protection system.

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