Fire Alarm Systems

ccatmanpWhen a fire breaks out, every second counts. That’s why at Keller Fire & Safety, we believe a state-of-the-art fire alarm system is paramount to a successful safety plan. We offer a wide variety of alarm systems to meet every budget. Our product offerings from major manufacturers include highly advanced addressable systems designed to communicate highly detailed information as well as perform process management functions. We also offer conventional fire alarm systems designed for smaller applications and more stringent budgets — all designed to keep you in compliance with current regulations.


Voice Evacuation Systems

fikeguardKeller Fire & Safety offers voice evacuation systems as mandated by code. Our systems are simple to install and can easily be integrated into existing fire alarm systems.

Fike FikeGuard™ voice evacuation panels combine the latest in technology with a rugged and compact design. A voice emergency evacuation system is more effective, faster and safer in evacuating occupants; and for areas of 300 or more occupancy, it is mandated by the NFPA.