Portable Fire Extinguishers

extingA fire extinguisher that isn’t working is worse than having no fire extinguisher at all!  Keller Fire & Safety’s trained technicians can provide a turn-key safety program for your site beginning with determining what type of extinguisher should be placed at which location and the proper maintenance schedule for each particular extinguisher.

We offer a full line of fire extinguishers ranging from portable units to extinguishers designed for much larger applications. Whatever your needs, we have the quality products you need and the expertise to train your personnel to operate them. If an extinguisher needs repairing and the repair cannot be made on-site, Keller Fire & Safety will gladly provide you with a loaner at no charge to ensure the continued safety of your facility.

Emergency And Exit Lights/Fire Hoses and Brass Goods

klitesIlluminating the fastest route to safety is vital to providing a safe work environment for your employees. Keller Fire & Safety offers you compliant-friendly products — everything from cleaning and changing the bulbs to changing batteries when needed. Keller Fire & Safety stands behind our belief that every detail is important to protect your employees.manpulla

Keller Fire & Safety’s team will also hydrostatically test fire hoses and check brass goods in accordance with code every year and test every three years to ensure your entire system remains in the best working condition possible. At Keller Fire & Safety, our job is not done after the installation. As your partner in safety, we are available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.