Keller Fire & Safety provides total system expertise to help maintain your fire extinguishers. Our experts bring together all the elements you need for servicing and maintaining your fire extinguishers and keeping your area safe and up to the current NFPA codes. While you hope you never need to use them, it’s still vital to put in the proper fire extinguishers in your building.

Different fires need totally different termination strategies depending on the fuel source. Different fire hazards found in your building, workplace, or restaurant dictates the type of fire extinguishers that are required. Our factory-trained technicians can assess the hazards and guide your decision-making process for accurate protection. 

Keller Fire and Safety has the experience to assess all five categories of fire, which include:

  • Class A: Common fires that include the combustion of wood, cloth, paper, plastic and other ordinary combustibles.
    • Fuels that leave an ASH
  • Class B: Fires caused when flammable liquids ignite.
    • Fuels that come in a BARREL
  • Class C: Electrical fires that occur when wiring or appliances overheat and cause a spark.
    • Fuel from CURRENT
  • Class D: Uncommon fires caused when shards of flammable metals (including sodium, magnesium and titanium) ignite.
    • Don’t use water; it explodes.
  • Class K: Kitchen fires that involve overheated grease and cooking oil.
    • Create a foam blanket over the grease

If you’re unsure of your fire hazards, Keller Fire and Safety can help you choose the right number and type of fire extinguishers to ensure your business is compliant.

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